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DISTRO+, GPO Plus, Inc.’s GPOX distribution division and GPO for specialty retailers, has been appointed as a preferred distributor of CaliGold Distro enabling GPOX rights to sell and distribute all CaliGold Distro products with preferred vendor pricing and availability. This is the second significant distribution agreement GPOX has entered into after announcing DISTRO+.

“We are very excited to partner with CaliGold Distro and offer their safe and compliant high-quality products to our customers,” stated Joseph Jaconi, president of DISTRO+. Jaconi continued, “this partnership will give our customers access to the highest quality hemp and kratom products on the market! One of the most attractive aspects of CaliGold Distro is their adherence to compliance and consistency where many other manufacturers fall short.”

Andrew Ciebrant, a managing partner of CaliGold Distro, stated “we are thrilled to appoint DISTRO+ as a preferred distributor and are confident that this partnership will be extremely beneficial for both parties!” Ciebrant continued, “We are excited to partner with a publicly traded company that is positioned for significant long term growth while at the same time increasing our global footprint and bringing our branded products to a larger consumer audience and welcoming DISTRO+’s customers as new customers for CaliGold Distro.”

Marketing Contract

GPOX has entered into a 6-month marketing and consulting contract with Toronto-based marketing firm, North Equities Corp. North Equities Corp. specializes in various social media platforms and will be able to facilitate greater awareness and widespread dissemination of the company’s news. In connection with the contract, the company will issue North Equities 300,000 shares. North Equities currently does not own any shares of the company.

Photo: Benzinga; Sources: courtesy of jarmoluk and lindsayfox via Pixabay

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