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Forget the 4% retirement spending rule. How do you feel about 1.9%?

New research uses more realistic assumptions and reaches a far lower estimate of what we can safely spend each year in retirement Read More

The bear market may not be over but some corporate insiders are acting like it is

These 12 stocks have seen strong insider buying. Read More

‘Macro’ forecasters are everywhere these days, but they tend to be wrong about investing most of the time

Their probability of being right is exceedingly low because of the complexity of the world. Read More

It’s the worst September for stocks since 2002. What that means for October.

September is traditionally the toughest month for stocks, but this was a doozy. Read More

Why housing has ‘a lot of wiggle room’ in a recession, even if prices drop 15%

The strong labor market and huge equity cushion for property owners will help insulate the housing market in a recession, says Al Otero, portfolio manager for HAUS, Armada ETF Advisors. Read More

Rate hikes are spooking the market, but stock investors are focusing on the wrong rate

Stocks typically are valued against short-term Treasurys — which is the worst measure to use. Read More

Market instability replaces inflation as the biggest risk, raising the chances of a pivot by the Federal Reserve

Overloaded debt in the financial system can spread like a virus. Read More

Supply ‘lag’ helps lithium triple its prices in a year

Lithium prices have tripled in a year, and the chemical element, which is used in batteries for electric vehicles, faces a long-term supply shortage. Read More

Here’s how to trade this still-dangerous stock market

The S&P 500 is still in a downtrend. With VIX is now in an uptrend, the stock market is even more volatile. Read More

These long-duration bond ETFs have cratered the most from their peaks over past year, sinking below other assets as U.S. dollar soars

In this week’s ETF Wrap, you’ll see how badly long-duration bonds have fared relative to other assets as investors look for places to hide in a brutal year for markets. Read More

Dividend yields on preferred stocks have soared. This is how to pick the best ones for your portfolio.

As interest rates rise, so do dividend yields on preferred stocks. Read More

Big selling wave in stocks makes for a buying opportunity, says Baron manager who has 20% of his fund’s assets in Tesla

Overwhelming bearishness means stocks are reflecting “draconian earnings,” says David Baron of Baron Focused Growth. Read More

Why Cathie Wood’s ARK thinks the time is ripe for new venture capital fund — and is working on ways to give access to financial advisers

Cathie Wood’s Ark Investment Management is giving individual investors access to a venture capital fund while working on ways to make the new offering accessible to financial advisers. Read More

22 dividend stocks screened for quality and safety

These stocks have both high dividend yields and good prospects for earnings and sales. Read More

Companies are trying to blame weak earnings on the strong U.S. dollar, but that’s a lame excuse

A strong U.S. dollar does reduce the dollar value of foreign sales, but that’s only half of the story. Read More

Many young people shouldn’t save for retirement, says research based on a Nobel Prize-winning theory

New research based on the life-cycle model says that people should strive for a consistent standard of living through their lives. Read More

As pro athletes, they played in front of thousands of cheering fans. Their new field: financial advice.

Former NFL and MLB players talk about transitioning from the stadium to the office. Read More

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