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  • Aura Biosciences Inc AURA detailed interim data from its ongoing Phase 2 trial of an eye cancer drug, elzupacap sarotalocan (AU‑011).
  • Belzupacap sarotalocan controlled tumors in most patients on longer treatment cycles. Nearly all patients retained their vision in an interim look at the Phase 2 trial, with a data cutoff of Aug. 19, at the American Academy of Ophthalmology conference in the Second City.
  • Two of the nine patients received 40 μg, and the other seven were given 80 μg. According to the presentation, one subject in the cohort was not included in the analysis as they had discontinued after one cycle following unrelated serious adverse events.
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  • The results showed a statistically significant reduction in the tumor growth rate compared to each patient’s documented growth rate at study entry and an 88.9% (8/9) tumor control rate. 
  • The tumor control rate was less prominent in groups not on three treatment cycles. In the groups with lower doses and fewer times receiving the drug, tumors were controlled in only two of nine patients, as observed at an average follow-up of 11 months. 
  • The patient on two cycles of the drug at 40 μg saw no tumor control at six months follow-up.
  • In addition, the visual acuity preservation rate was 88.9%, with most patients at high risk for vision loss with tumors close to the fovea or optic disk. 
  • The overall safety profile of belzupacap sarotalocan was generally favorable, with no dose-limiting toxicities or treatment-related SAEs.
  • Price Action: AURA shares are down 16.8% at $15.08 on the last check Monday.

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