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London -1.00%.

Germany -1.33%. German S&P Mfg PMI Final Actual 47.8 (Forecast 48.3, Previous 48.3).

France -1.52%. French S&P Mfg PMI Actual 47.7 (Forecast 47.8, Previous 47.8).

The pan-European Stoxx 600 index dropped 1.5%, with financial services stocks shedding to lead losses while oil and gas stocks gains.

UK S&P Manufacturing PMI Final Actual 48.4 (Forecast 48.5, Previous 48.5).

Eurozone S&P Mfg PMI Final Actual 48.4 (Forecast 48.5, Previous 48.5).

Italian S&P Mfg PMI Actual 48.3 (Forecast 47.5, Previous 48.0).

Swiss Manufacturing PMI Actual 57.1 (Forecast 54.6, Previous 56.4).

Spanish S&P Manufacturing PMI Actual 49 (Forecast 49.4, Previous 49.9).

In bond market, The yield on 10-year Treasuries was little changed to 3.79%.

Germany’s 10-year yield was up more than one basis point to 2.12%.

Britain’s 10-year yield was down more than two basis point to 4.06%.

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