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Fox News host Trey Gowdy spoke with Hoover Institute senior fellow Victor Davis Hanson about the media’s habit to attack “far-right” opponents while rarely, if ever, invoking “far-left” accusations.

While Gowdy stated the left is unaware what a true conservative is, Hanson suggested that it comes more from the left’s insecurity in winning over voters.

“You have to start with premise that the left feels they’re morally superior because they believe in forced egalitarianism, using the power of government to make everybody equal not on the front end of opportunity but on the back end. But they also realize that’s contrary to human nature, contrary to common sense and requires a degree of force to force people. That’s contrary to our Constitution and what people will put up with. They don’t trust democracy. They don’t trust 51%. They don’t believe that their ideas on energy or inflation or the border are going to ever win 51%,” Hanson said.

Victor Davis Hanson on Fox News.

Victor Davis Hanson on Fox News.
(Fox News)

He explained that despite the left’s lack of confidence in their own ideas, the political wing maintains control over institutions such as public education, mainstream media and even Hollywood to force their ideas onto the public.


“They feel that even if they don’t have majority of support among the population and even though their message kind of repels people… they have confidence they can change the language, and they can message, and they can advertise, and they can entertain and use professional sports to get that message across,” Hanson said.

He added that the point of center to judge “far-left” or “far-right” has now moved further to the left as left-wing activists push more forceful ideas.

Mainstream media outlets have appeared to push overwhelmingly liberal politics.

Mainstream media outlets have appeared to push overwhelmingly liberal politics.

“We know what the center is, but they are not absolutists. They’re relativists. You’ve already seen them move, so now normal is getting rid of the electoral college. It’s why do we have two senators in each state when they only represent smaller populations in Idaho or Wyoming. Why don’t we get rid of filibuster? Why don’t we bring in two states? Why don’t we pack the court? Because on any given day, it is all relative, and it’s about power, and they know that they can’t appeal to people on these issues,” Hanson said.


He added, “Who in the world believes an open border is going to work? Who believes 8% inflation is not inflation? Who believes you should you know, obsess on race after this history we have and this progress we made? Who believes you would shut down fossil fuel energy and industry when we were the biggest natural gas and oil producer in the world, with all of the benefits that accrued from it? They have an agenda that they know won’t be popular unless they distract people.”

Democratic leaders have attacked "far-right" candidates ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

Democratic leaders have attacked “far-right” candidates ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.
(Alex Wong/Getty Images)


Hanson concluded, “They don’t want the center, the center would allow free debate on both sides, they want to move it way to the left.”

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