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An extra glug of vanilla and sprinkle of salt go a long way.

Substitute browned butter for regular when you’re feeling fancy — and make it in your microwave, to boot.

Add an extra yolk (or two!) to cake batter if you know what’s good for you.

Substitute ice water (yup, you read that right) for the milk or buttermilk in a cake recipe.

Use oil instead of butter for a cake that comes together quickly and stays moist and tender on the countertop for days.

Omit an egg white when making cookie dough if you are on team chewy.

For toothsome cookies and brownies, change up the flour.

Add chocolate chips to brownies for the shiny crust of your dreams.

For the most stable (and luscious) of whipped creams, pull out your food processer.

A (generous) sprinkle of sugar will give your homemade loaf cakes and muffins that coveted professional bakery look.

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