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‘Online trickery’: CFPB sues event-registration company for allegedly tricking customers into paying $300 million in subscriptions

People who wanted to enroll in charity races ‘found out too late that the company was running away with their money,’ CFPB Director Rohit Chopra said. Read More

Self-proclaimed ‘Used Car King of New York’ pleads guilty in national temporary license plate scam

Prosecutors said Octavian Ocasio sold bogus ‘ghost tags’ from Texas to criminals, scofflaws and drivers looking to avoid paying tolls. Read More

‘We will not outlive our money’: How can we give $10,000 to our nieces and nephews without offending the rest of the family?

‘It would give us a great deal of joy to see them use this gift for a wonderful vacation, or paying for extras while in school.’ Read More

The BMW XM: Powerful performance, divisive looks

This midsize plug-in hybrid SUV is built to get your pulse racing. But why does it look like it’s wearing an oversize gold chain? Read More

There’s a new trend in business travel and it’s creating a budding industry

More remote-first companies are bringing entire teams together for regular retreat-style meetings. This has major implications for the industry. Read More

IRS releases new federal tax brackets and standard deductions. Here’s how they will impact your tax bill.

Inflation has already prompted an 8.7% increase in next year’s Social Security payments. Read More

Oh my gourd! People pay 14.1% more on average for pumpkin-spice products.

Some retailers push the pumpkin-spice upcharge to the upper limits. Trader Joe’s charges 161.1% more for pumpkin-spiced pretzels versus the traditional variety. Read More

Thousands of pets are accidentally eating marijuana. It happened to my beloved dog — and cost me $700 in veterinary fees.

The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center reports that it handled more than 6,200 cases of potential marijuana toxicity in 2021 Read More

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