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Shares of four of the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s

components are seeing price gains of more than $10, which are adding more than 400 points to the price-weighted index. Shares of Home Depot Inc.

powered up $24.01, or 8.4%, to add 158 points to the Dow’s price; Microsoft Corp.

rose $13.78, or 6.1% to provide a 91-point boost; Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

gained $11.93, or 3.3%, to add 79 points; and Salesforce Inc.

climbed $11.25, or 7.9%, to add 74 points. Combined, those stocks were adding 402 points to the Dow’s price. The Dow was surging 880 points, or 2.7%, with 27 of 30 components gaining ground, in the wake of upbeat consumer inflation data.

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