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‘I’m using cookies to spread the joy’: These financial professionals are using tricks to cut down on their holiday spending

‘It’s more important to make sure I don’t have any financial stress coming out of the holidays.’ Read More

Make the most of Cyber Monday with a smart shopping strategy

Cyber Monday (Nov. 28) is a great opportunity to save money if the deals match your shopping. So what’s likely to go on sale? Here’s how to make the most of it. Read More

Thanksgiving and Black Friday waste have a costly environmental impact, which also hurts our wallets

Up to 80% of items — and any plastic packaging they are wrapped in — will end up either in landfill, incineration or low-quality recycling. Read More

Book a flight with a long layover, it can make for a better trip—here’s why

Long layovers offer opportunities to escape the confines of the airport and explore a new city—sometimes even for days—without having to pay extra for airfare. Read More

The luxury cars buyers look for most

Fewer shoppers are looking for Teslas, and six SUVs dominated the 10 most-shopped luxury vehicles. Read More

You know you’ve found a good Black Friday deal when…

What actually makes a Black Friday deal worth it? An item’s reduced price, availability and affordability are key. Here’s what to consider before you buy. Read More

‘My elderly relative determined she could no longer care for herself’: Are her assisted-living facility costs tax deductible?

‘She was basically directed to go there from a rehabilitation post-surgery.’ Read More

Food insecurity jumps this Thanksgiving as food banks struggle with dwindling supplies

One in five adults reported household food insecurity in 2022, meaning they were unable to acquire adequate food for one or more family members. Read More

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