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Mark Cuban shared a chatGPT trash talk scenario on Twitter, telling users the “method” to get desired answers — but there’s still a shortcoming. 

What Happened: Cuban, Dallas Mavericks owner and investor, took to Twitter to share that his 13-year-old son asked chatGPT to write a trash talk about his friend’s favorite NFL team. 

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When a user said they couldn’t get a proper response even after trying 15 different ways, Cuban shared a screenshot of chatGPT writing a trash talk script about the New York Giants saying, “there’s a method.”

Why It’s Important: The OpenAI chatGPT — an AI-powered chatbot — might be taking the internet by storm, but it has some limitations. 

According to chatGPT, its training data only goes up until 2021 and it cannot browse the internet or access updated information. 

Simply put, chatGPT might be brilliant in terms of writing speeches, tweets, poetry and answering complicated questions or responding to commands like, “Proofread this story and make it sound happier, but the information it provides may not always be reliable. 

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